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Imrich ( Imi ) Sde-Or, the founder of Krav Maga, was born on May 26, 1910, to a Hungarian Jewish family in Budapest in the Austro-Hungarian Empire . He grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital, with a family who characterized him as having an unusual childhood. Samuel Lichtenfeld, his father, was a chief inspector on the Bratislava police force and a former circus acrobat. Imrich (“Imi”) Sde-Or, with his father’s encouragement and support, engaged in a wide range of sports and activities such as swimming, boxing, wrestling and gymnastics. He trained at a Gymnasium owned by his father, who taught self-defence.  Imi excelled early on in all his activities but in particular wrestling both as contestant an as trainer; winning several awards in this field.

In the mid-thirties, Fascist and anti-Semitic groups appeared in Bratislava, threatening to harm the city’s Jewish community. Imi Sde Or led a group of former boxers and wrestlers to defend and protect his Jewish neighborhood against these gangs. Encountering as many “street fights” as he did, Imi quickly realized that sport had little in common with real combat and began developing a system of techniques for practical self-defense in life threatening situations.

In 1940 Imi fled the Nazi occupation of his homeland, and arrived to Palestine in 1942.  At his arrival, Israel’s early leaders recognized Imi’s fighting abilities and in 1944 he began training fighters in his areas of expertise: physical fitness, wrestling, use of the knife, and defenses against knife attacks. During this period, Imi trained several elite units and groups of police officers. After the establishment of Israel in 1948 and the formation of the IDF, he became Chief Instructor for Physical Fitness and Krav-Maga at the IDF School of Combat Fitness. Imi developed and refined his unique method for self-defense and hand-to-hand combat while serving in the military.

In 1964, Imi Sde Or retired from the Israeli military, and began adapting and modifying Krav-Maga to civilian needs who might need it to save their life or survive an attack while sustaining minimal harm, whatever the background of the attack. To disseminate his method, Imi established training centers with teams of krav maga instructors, who were accredited by him and the Israeli Ministry of Education. He also created the Israeli Krav Maga Association in 1978.
Even during his last years, Imi continued to personally supervise the training of those who have attained high ranks in Krav-Maga, and to spend time with the instructors in Israel and abroad. Imi monitored the trainees’ progress and achievements, captivating them with his personality and imparting them with his knowledge and unique personality  resulting in the formation of a new international KM federation with the support of his most loyal students and respected instructors, among which IKMF’s chairman nowadays, Avi Moyal.

Imi Sde Or, a most valued teacher and fighter, passed away on the 9th of January 1998, at the age of 88.

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