Seylor Giroux

Seylor Giroux.

Seylor Giroux’s love and involvement with martial arts started at a young age. He liked and very quickly excelled in both Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo and kindled a passion for martial arts.

Seylor faced a number of situations that where due to his size, easy going nature and having a weird name that is unusual to most which made him a seemingly easy target to be picked on by bigger kids all through his school years. In search of a way to defend himself, he took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighting for a number of years. Though both these disciplines are effective in their own way working on different aspects of physical abilities and endurance techniques, they  lacked the realistic environment that one gets attacked in; both styles usually in a controlled 1vs.1 format.  Nonetheless, these were not the situations he had encountered. but still lacked the realistic components of self defense.

In 2012, After doing some research and suggestions from friends and family involved in law enforcement and martial arts he stumbled upon Krav Maga. This art focuses on realistic scenarios which involve helping you deal with multiple attackers, defensive actions against  weapons and many realistic scenarios you are more likely to find in your everyday real life.

Seylor is fascinated by Krav Maga, It’s simplicity and effectiveness is simply unmatched. Many elite armed forces around the world utilize Krav Maga as their pillar for self defense combat training.

Seylor’s GIT’s:

Isreal Tamir (Expert 4 – Head of Law Enforcement)

Isreal Cohen (Expert 2 – Head of Military and SWAT Division)

Seylor’s instructors were Clovis L. (Expert 1) and Laurent Mougeot (Expert 2)

Krav Maga has a great style and has helped Seylor  in many ways, and he is eager to show

Update: Adaptive Krav Instructor:

I’m very pleased to say that I can now offer classes to persons with all types of disabilities!! 

I hope to see you in class because everyone can keep active and practice some form of defense!

you why.  The key is to find something you love and stick with it no matter what style.