First Class Need To Knows

Welcome to Krav Maga,

What will you need on your first day?

  • Positive Attitude
  • Patience for new learners
  • Willingness to work hard and train smart
  • Groin Protection (Male or Female) – Most retailers sell them (I Can provide if you let me know).
  • Indoor footwear.
  • Respect Facility Training Rules provided: Ex – Control Jiu-Jitsu (they are a priority)
  • Active Clothing and T shirt of club
  • Received and Signed Online Waiver before you start the class
  • Filled out Contact Form Online


  • Youth specific:
    Groin protection is a must and not optional.
    Hand wraps and will be shown in class on days of use.
    Combat sparring gloves
    Binder (provided on first day)
    Training shirt
    Water bottle


Any equipment you need I can provide; you must let me know!