First Class Need To Knows

Welcome to Krav Maga,

What will you need on your first day?

  • Positive Attitude
  • Patience for new learners
  • Willingness to work hard and train smart
  • Groin Protection (Male or Female) – Most retailers sell them (I Can provide if you let me know).
  • Indoor footwear.
  • Respect Facility Training Rules provided: Ex – Control Jiu-Jitsu (they are a priority)
  • Active Clothing and T shirt of club
  • Received and Signed Waiver before you start the class (pick up at facility if needed or online)
  • Youth specific:
    1. Groin protection is a must and not optional.
      Hand wraps and will be shown in class.
      Combat sparring gloves
      Binder (provided on first day)
      Training shirt
      Water bottle
  • Any equipment you needed I can provide; you must let me know!