Training Partners

Hello Everyone,

Lightning Strike Self Defense continues to grow and move from place to place but one thing never changes; the friends and training partners you have all over Canada and the world.


I would like to note, if your ever in Edmonton and want great training on anything related to Law enforcement, security, shooting etc.. do not hesitate to give Dave Suffren a call at Tip of Spear.

Dave has helped me learn a great deal in a short time.  He is very knowledgable in all realms of security! I’m am happy to have a great friend and training partner.   He has been teaching courses of that nature for at least a couple decades.


Moose Jaw:

Jason And Donald run a great jiu-jitsu club called Control Jiu-jitsu in Moose Jaw and have worked hard to establish a great reputation for technique,passion and positive atmosphere. I am please to partner with them and grow in the area as a family. Hope you check them out!




My former teacher to whom I owe so much; Clovis Thank you!!