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Push ups and Faster Punching Mechanics

Hey Everyone,

I had a great discussion with a friend and student about this. We had a difference of opinion but you are more then welcome to read up on this subject by different authors out there.  This is my take on the matter…

My question from friends and students was “what is the correct punching arm/hand position for me and what body motion is better to generate power?”

It is seen in so many martial arts and explained in so many ways like concentration of muscular tension just before impact, or concentration of spiritual energy through a direction and limb etc.  This is all correct in my opinion but explained in different ways.  If you focus your energy through your arm into your punch, one could say your “tensing your muscles” upon impact.  But the position of your hand is different in so many arts including Krav Maga. Some Krav Maga systems say one thing and others say another.

It’s simple, follow body mechanics and muscle reaction.  Why change the angle of your fist to “palm down” for example? Your body doesn’t necessarily align correctly through the wrist/shoulder if you do it.  It also gives your brain one more additional thing to think about.

Mechanically, your ulna and radius must align with both styloid processes.  This usually only happens when your wrist stays thumb up.  Another reason is force generation with a closed hand must involve your humerus link to your scapula as quickly as possible which happens quickest through a pushing motion forward.  Have you noticed why it is easier to do a push up on your knuckles when your hand is vertical and not horizontal.   It’s because everything aligns properly that way…

To put into perspective, an example is the mechanics of Bruce Lee’s punch or one-inch punch.  This is probably one of the fastest punching individuals known in the world.  Everything aligns with your palm facing in and shoulder/body leaning forward at finish.

Yet another example is a proper push up for force generation and mechanics.  Here is an article that explains how to do a push up which also leads to having your fist parallel to the floor palms in on your knuckles.  Push up Mechanics.

Just a thought? What are yours…


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What makes Krav Maga different from others & What seperates IKMF from other Krav Maga organizations?

What makes the Krav Maga different from martial arts or other systems?

Looking at the basic principle of Krav Maga, it is to inflict maximum damage to the opponents (we train multiple attackers) in order to end the fight as quickly as possible. Brutal counter-attacks using your most effective tool (knees, elbows, weapons, etc.) to target your opponent’s weakest area (neck, throat, eyes, knees, ribs, solar plexus, groin, etc.) are the focus. For this reason, it is not a competitive martial arts, like Brazilian Ju-Jitsu or Muay Thai, because people would die.

  1. You can guarantee yourself that you will leave knowing you learned something intuitive and practical that will help you defend yourself.
  2. You learn it quickly with little practice
  3. It involves just as much cardio and strength as a workout anywhere else.
  4. Release your stress and anxiety from work or actual situations that can happen.

IKMF standout from other Krav Maga and Self Defense organizations and systems…

Here are some examples….

  • The IKMF is always pushing the limits!

  • Always evolving and has a must combat sparring mandate.

 IKMF researching the techniques with science

  • Others work with surgeons, psychologist and other professionals to gain a better understanding.

  • IKMF drawing information from experience, current events and real life applications.

  • IMKF works with civilians, professionals, other agencies, military’s, Law enforcements, secret service and so on throughout the world to refine and develop new techniques.

  • IKMF moving forward

  • Continuously reviewing its techniques and developing of new programs, seminars and techniques from the findings.

The IKMF is the largest and most veteran Krav Maga Organization in the world we draw information from every sector worldwide and blend experience, science, the past and current events globally to become the best and most effective system today!

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Facts on Krav Maga

Developed in Israel, Krav Maga is a martial art that draws influences from boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, judo, and wrestling. It was developed by Hungarian-Israeli martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld as a means of defense against fascist groups. Today, it’s used in combat training for police and military, but it’s also a great recreational sport enjoyed by many.

Krav Maga provides an excellent workout, as it involves plenty of drilling (mental and physical) and conditioning such as crossfit, plyometrics and functional movement. As a result, it improves metabolic rate, strength, endurance, and speed. Additionally, Krav Maga can be a great way to cope with stress, as it keeps your endorphins flowing and you get to punch and hit things just because you can!