Don’t Become Unaware or Unaccepting of the Truth! Violence vs. Martial Arts

Your asking yourself, what Truth is he referring to! The truth that the world is getting a lot more violent and parents and procrastinative adults can’t stay sheltered for ever! It is the simple truth that bullying in every shape and form leads to increased anxiety, kids anger breakouts, suicides etc. Those are just simple child example before you enter into adult, law enforcement and other examples.

I don’t understand why we are excepting such behavior or change but I rather have a couple of tools to use in case “shit it’s the fan” as the expression goes.  What tools I’m referring to is situational awareness and self defense.  It’s like swimming; self defense is another life skill I think kids and adults should know.  It was very obvious in previous generations with boxing so why did we stop.  That’s another conversation…

Onward, How to prepare for a changing violent world, easy enough, head to where it is violent and find out what you can do to keep yourself safe in that condition.

Haha, your probably thinking, this guy is crazy or doesn’t know what he’s talking about but it’s true, one of the best ways to learn something is going to the place where it happens most or originated from in order to learn to prevent it or stop it!

Obviously we are way to evolved to stop violence at this point as history goes but self defense and awareness may be the few things missing in order to maintain safety and confidence.  Self defense is excellent to study if you want to learn fitness and get into shape, survival skills or maybe just self esteem booster.

Learning the basics of striking and joint locks, restraints, throws etc are good but not enough in the real world.  Your probably saying why not? It comes to spontaneous attack, you can’t predict when your going to get attacked unless it’s noticeably in front of you.  That is why one of the discussion on martial arts vs. Self defense comes from.  Martial arts has evolved into more of a one on one disipline or sport where mats and other things are used which you wouldn’t have at street bus stop.  Self defense teaches someone awareness around them and the warrior traits to keep you alive in an attack situation.

Simply said, it’s effective and teaches awareness before anything else.  If I had to choose, Krav Maga is tested several time a day and something tested, evolved that much has to become effective to save its population.

That is just my opinion but try it out and see for yourself!  All are welcome!

If you have any comments, feel free to post your thoughts,