Fitness Challenge Weekly

Fitness Challenge Oct 25 – Oct 31st

So a lot of military do the Murph Test used by Navy Seals and different fitness organizations like CrossFit.

I usually try to do it every couple of months because its a good fitness gear thats challenging for any level. You can do it all in one shot or broken down into sections.

Mr. Murphy is a tank by the way!!

Basic Murph

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

I personally can’t do each one all in one shot so I break it down:

5 – 7 pull ups for 20 sets

10 push ups for 20 sets

15 squats for 20 sets

After that you have another 1 mile run to finish it off.

Now the kicker, it all has to be down with a 25 – 35 pound weighted vest!! Lastly, it has to be finished in 1h10 minutes I believe.

Right now I do it with a 30 lb weighted vest and I also do the entire thing under 1h.  But my personal goal is to try and get to the point where I can execute all the exercises as a group not broken down as shown.

This would be a good fitness gauge for you to try.  Break it down into sections like it is shown or do let sets to start.  To all my fellow Army, you guys are truely machines with grit of steal!!!

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