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Terrible Tuesday Tabata – March 29th

Hello Everyone,

For those of you that follow what I do or do it with me.

Here is the Tabata workout I will be doing Tuesday Morning before work.

Round 1: 3 times – 3 minutes

  1. Side Lunge Shuffle 3 Steps (Alternating legs shuffling back and forth) – 45sec
  2. Squat Hold – 15 sec

Round 2: 3 times – 3 minutes

  1. X – Burpee – 45 sec (You can add in the star Jump modification for more difficulty)
  2. Jumping Jacks – 15 sec (Same motion as the X – Burpee)

Round 3: 3 times – 3 minutes

  1. Push up Scorpions Or Push up Twist Arm to Sky – 45 secs
  2. Plank bringing Knee to Elbow (Alternation) – 15 secs

Round 4: 3 times – 3 minutes

  1. Bicycle Crunch – 45 secs
  2. Flutter Kicks – 15 secs



Documents, Fitness Challenge Weekly

Workout 2 – Chest & Tricep

Hello Everyone,

So you may have already guess it but there is realistically only 1 way to develop a solid strong chest and that is push ups! There are hundreds of push up variations, but you should keep to just the ones we use here to maintain or grow strength!

Establish Max Rep Each Chest Workout – 


Superset: 2 sets

  1. Reverse Push up (starting from the ground) – Do 1/2 the amount you did for max!
  2. Cross Over Push ups (Usually a Box or Solid Ball that box hands can fit on like Soccer) – 12 reps

Rest 30 secs & repeat!

Superset: 3 x 16 – 25 reps

  1. Alternating Uneven Push ups – 1 arm is on a ball and the other is on the ground
  2. Crocodile Walk Push up 10 meters or your size of the room and back!

30 sec rest & repeat

Superset: 3 sets of 16-25 reps

  1. Narrow Dimond Shape Hand Position Push up
  2. Dive Bomber Push ups
  3. Rest 1 minute between sets!


  1. Single Arm Towel Chest Flys
  2. Chair Dips


Push up Variations : Push up Variations



Documents, Fitness Challenge Weekly

Workout 1 – Lower Body & Abs

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the no weights needed workout program that I developed for some of my clients with certain mobility problems and trying to strengthen the muscles causing it.



Triset: 3 x 12-15 reps without stopping

  1. Squat
  2. Squat Jump/lift off ( or lift off meaning push through your toes)
  3. Drop Squat Hold 5 sec

30 sec rest between each set – NO MORE

Triset:: 3 x 15 reps MUST DO!!

  1. Jump Up Lateral Side Lunge Or Raised Knee Lateral Side Lunge
  2. Skaters or 1 leg Split Squat
  3. Single Leg Modified Donkey Kick (Standing Position)

20 sec rest between each set – NO MORE

Superset: 2 x 12 reps MUST DO!!!

  1. Single Leg Split Squat Or Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift (toe touch)
  2. Single Leg Hip Thruster (with or without chair)

10 sec rest – NO MORE!!

Finisher Core: 2 x 12 reps of each exercise

  1. Hip Up Crunch to Flutter Kicks with log roll into reverse flutter kicks!

Good luck! You’ll need it!




Documents, Fitness Challenge Weekly

Terrible Tuesday Tabata – March 20th 2016

Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder from the Tabata King himself!


To get the most out of your Tabata workout, follow these guidelines:

  1. Warm up for at least 10 minutes. That’s part of the original protocol.
  2. Use full-body exercises that engage as many muscle groups as possible.
  3. Exercises using bodyweight, a weighted vest, or free weights are all acceptable.
  4. Go full-tilt during the 20-second bursts. Seriously, don’t slow down.
  5. Try hard to find your breath during the 10-second rests. Good luck.
  6. Be prepared to sweat … a lot.

Now onto the workout!

  1. Modified Cockroach 45 sec – 

Starting with a jump, land and crawl as fast as possible forward for 8 paces. Stop, get up, and jump in the air, land and crawl backwards in a crab walk for 8 paces.

2. Push ups – 15 secs – 20 secs

3. Frog Jumps – 45 secs 

Drop into a squat with BOTH hands touching the ground, then jump in the air with the knees tucked up. Repeat quickly.

4. Lunges Backwards – 15-20 sec

5. Kick up Dance – 45 sec

In a Crab Walk position, staying in the same stop, alternate kicking up in the air with each foot as fast as possible. Repeat as many times as you can!

6. Hip Thrusts – 15-20 sec

In a Crab Walk Position, with your butt on the ground, lift your hips off the floor until you reach a straight table position, and repeat.

7. Finisher!!! Single Leg Burpee into Kick Throughts 1 min 30 secs!!!


  • Start in the push-up position. Jump in with one leg, and then jump up, bringing the opposite knee toward the chest. Repeat on the other side. If this is too difficult, perform the burpees with both legs.
  • Start in a push-up position. Shift your body weight toward the right arm, and then kick to the left with the right leg. Alternate the movement on your left and right sides quickly.
Documents, Fitness Challenge Weekly

Workout of the Week – March 20th 2016

Hello Everyone,

This time around, I am preparing a new workout plan for my new client and it’s almost ready, when it is I will be sharing it with you guys too.  He wants to get Strong without the need of weights which is challenging because it will be based on fluctuation of exercises as well as hitting your top rep max a lot.

Anyways, here is your overall workout this week. I have done it and it’s challenging if you increase your weight every set and push yourself always!

4 sets of 12-15 reps – Start with 15 reps and increase load to get to a final set of 12 reps!

  • Shoulder to Shoulder Press – Use only 1 DB
  • Shoulder to Shoulder Chin ups
  • DB Romanian Dead Lift
  • DB Squat to Press
  • Inverted Australian Row
  • Push up to Unilateral Superman
  • DB Lunges


Remember 1 min between sets (MAXIMUM) and do each exercise back to back without stopping!

Overall Strength is a challenging accomplishment but with these exercises per week, it shouldn’t be an issue! Good luck…