Fitness Challenge Weekly

Terrible Tuesday Nov 10th 2015

Hello Everyone,

Another Week of Terrible Tuesday! You can do this one outside or in a gym.  If you have a treadmill it’s adaptable. I did this with my buddy Nash the first time and then I had to do it again to prove to myself that it wasn’t a one off thing so I upped the game. I MADE IT!! 🙂

You can adapt this with a kettle bell, a Barbell, a Dumbbells or your body weight.

Body weight is a little more active and will actually work you harder in my own opinion because you have to do a donkey kick up to handstand push up.

Anyways I’m getting ahead of myself….

The only exercise today is Snatch to press (easy) for 120 reps (not so easy).You must do it continuously without stopping.  Your probably like he couldn’t do that but I did and I have people I did it with.

Here is the deal, how I upped my game is the following:

You pick a weight that’s appropriate to you.  If you can believe it, I’m a small guy like 140lbs and only 5’5″ so I picked 80lbs to do this with which to some isn’t every much.

You must not stop…push through the pain and it’s all in your head.  Once you hit 60 you will feel better then ever and the rest will be a piece of cake.

But if you stop… you must run 200m (around the block, on the treadmill at the highest speed, or shuttle sprint the gym;  do whatever and find a way). You must IMMEDIATELY RETURN to the snatch to press!

If you noticed, the more you stop the harder this will become because your exerting a lot more energy sprinting around the block or whatever you chose.  I stopped 4 times so I was pretty dead afterwards…

Finally back to body weight; for those of you that don’t do this in this way or do not understand how I describe it, you can look it up on youtube. I hope the rest of the followers can understand how I explain it and I hope I can explain it clearly enough for you 🙂

Note: I had a brick wall behind me when I did this so if you have drywall your going to have to kick high so you don’t put a whole in the wall.

Step 1:

Start your hands and legs shoulder width apart by your side.  The first exercise is a donkey kick up which is like half a burpee.  Start off by placing your hands on the floor in front of your feet and normally you would kick them back behind you on the ground and do a push up (half of your burpee) but instead of kicking your feet back behind you on the ground, this time your going to kick them up high in the air like a horse or donkey when it bucks.

Step 2:

Once you have kicked up in the air, you should land your feet on the wall or structure behind you.  You will have your hands still on the ground in front of you but your body will be on an angle. Hopefully that angle is 45 degrees to almost 80 degrees upright. The is based on your comfort and strength ability.  You will finish the movement by doing a hand stand push up (like shoulder press) and walk down the wall or jump off the wall to the ground and stand up to start again.

If you don’t know how to do a snatch and press; please feel free to ask me or youtube has a lot of great beginner clips of the motion.  So you visual learners can see for yourselves.

Good luck everyone!! This is a hard workout…I suggest that you don’t do body weight for your first time.  Try and borrow some weights or fill water bottles with sand etc for beginners.