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Terrible Tuesday Tabata Workout Dec 8th

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to another Terrible Tuesday! Working hard and keeping up with at list 1 workout a week! I am trying my very best to make it challenging and a full body experience for you but feel free to add comments and make it at your own pace!!

These Terrible Tuesday Workout Tabata’s should take you a maximum of 10 minutes!! But burn around 400-500 calories if you give it your all for the entire time!!!


Flutter Kicks 45 sec

Plank Hold 15-20 sec

Repeat x2


Dips 45 sec

Side Plank and crunch 15-20 sec

Repeat x2 (Change sides)


Glute raise to bridge 45 sec

Step ups from kneeling position 15 -20 sec

Repeat x2


Scorpion Push Up 45 sec

Lying Back Hip up Crunch 15 -20 sec

Repeat x2


Good Luck and 110% for only 10 minutes everyone!! You owe it to yourself!!!