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Terrible Tuesday Tabata Jan 19th 2016

Hello Everyone,

1)Push up with alternating lateral leg lift 45 sec

  • Do a push up and at the same time lift your leg towards your head horizontal to the ground. This is like a Spider Push up but with a straight leg….

Hindu Push Up 15 sec

  • The forward action of a Dive Bomber push up but without the reversed action backwards.

2)High Knees with a Twist (arms Forward) 45 sec

Lunges Alternating Forward 15 sec

3)Gymnastics Bridge Twist 45 sec

  • It is like doing a Bridge or Crap Walk position if you aren’t that flexible to a yoga Downward Dog position

Log Roll Side to Side 15 sec

  • Concentrated Ab Iso lever to a superman double arms out – alternating 1 side at a time

4) Burpee 45 sec

8-count body builder 15 sec