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Workout of the Week – Jan 24th – 30th

Hello Everyone,

I started off my week with my back so I decided I would share with you that workout.

Warm up:

Skipping and bike for 15 minutes – heart rate higher

Workout Main:

1.        Bent-over row – Close Grip 12/15/8

Bent-over row – Wide Grip 12/15/8

Standing Shoulder Press 12/15/8

2.       Chin ups – hold 10 sec x 3

Pull ups w/15lbs-25lbs  12/10/8

Lateral Raise 12/15/8

3.       Seated Row 12/15/8

Single arm Lawn Mower 12/15/8

Frontal Raise 12/15/8

Cool Down:

4.      Back extensions

Ab exercise of your choice


Time it should take with 35sec rest between trisets -1h23min.