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Workout of the Week – Feb 28 2016 Legs & Cardio

Hello Everyone,

This week I feel really good after seeing my family back home and so I want to start off the week on a good note with a good leg workout.

Remember that your legs are a huge muscles and they provide you with a lot of different things.  Make sure you work them out….these are but a few reasons why you should remember too.

1.More Muscle with Hormones.

You can find numerous studies showing that Squats & Dead-lifts increase the release of Growth Hormone & Testosterone in women & men more than any other exercise. These are natural muscle building hormones.

2. Compound exercise & Upper-body.

-Please don’t forget that a Squats & Dead-lifts work your whole body, not just your legs. Quick examples of how they stimulate upper-body growth too: Your arms squeeze the bar hard during heavy Squats & Dead-lifts and the weight is also held up or pulled up equally by your upper/lower back.

-Your abdominals work hard at stabilizing the weight during both exercises.

3. Symmetry.

I know this is cosmetic and vein but I don’t care, but a big upper-body with toothpick legs looks ridiculous. And it shows a lack of symmetry or care for your body.

Anyways there are plenty more reasons but here are just a few…

Now to the workout!

You will have three rounds of muscle work and two rounds of cardio in between! This workout should take your 40 minutes maximum and you should push yourself throughout.  If you need additional breaks between cardio, please take it for NO MORE than 1 minute at a time.

Weights – each exercise one after the other!

Barbell or Dumbbell Squats   12/Cardio/12/Cardio/12                                  Barbell Squat

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift   12/Cardio/12/Cardio/12                           Romanian Deadlift

BOSU Ball Side Lunge – each leg    12/Cardio/12/Cardio/12   Stability Side Lunge with BOSU

Single Leg Split Squat – each leg   12/Cardio/12/Cardio/12      Split Squat with Bench

Hip Drive – Ball Leg Curl          12/Cardio/12/Cardio/12   Weighted Hip Drive Hamstring Curl


Cardio – Each exercise one after the other ( Active Rest)

Note: Moderate pace

Treadmill Sprint – 1 minute

Tuck Jumps or Jumping Squats –  1 minute

Skipping or Skaters Side to Side  – 1 minute

Reverse Crunch or Flutter Kicks – 1 minute


Good Luck!



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