Fitness Challenge Weekly

Fitness workout #3 Oct 18-25th

Hello Everyone,

Hope last week wasn’t too hard, we’re just warming up…

Here is this weeks WOD I’d like to do! It’s also relatively easy because it requires no weights but if you wish to add weight then go for it!

This workout is a pyramid and has no rest between exercises only between sets – 30 sec.  You must add 5 reps to each set.  For example if it is 5 push ups first time, it becomes 10 the second time.

5 push ups

Variations: wide, tricep, dive bomber

10 sit ups

Crunches, v-sit, flutter kick, leg lever

15 jump squats or explode to toes

Variation: Skaters

20 good mornings

30 sec rest. Start up again…

You should be doing it for 10 sets! Followed by going back down….

Have fun!! This should take 35-45 mins.