Fitness Challenge Weekly

Fitness Workout Challenge Nov 1 – 7th

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I was a little late on delievery this week, it’s been extremely busy with workouts, work and training.  But like they say in the army or law enforcement “that’s no excuse”.  Here it is and it took me awhile to actually do this one.  It’s challenging for sure.  It’s about 1h40.

They say to try and keep things under 1h for maximum calorie burn to strength but I couldn’t pump it out fast enough. My heart rate was just really high.

2 sets of 50reps each exercise in each block of 3 with 400m sprint or row. 

You will need a set of dumbbells! I used a couple 20lbs, 25lbs and 35lbs

  1. Push up – rise – Lateral Archer Push up – All of that counts as 1 rep (on a dumbbell)
  2. Narrow Squats (Goblet style) – Active Rest but pump them out with pace (with dumbbell)
  3. 10 Count Body Builder : Hands down to plank – push up – row x2 – open legs/close legs – stand up with jump to calves (with a dumbbell)

400 m sprint fast and hard ( DON’T BRING DUMBBELL 🙂

  1. Lunges to press – each leg and then press counts as 1 rep
  2. Bicep curl to press – active recovery but pump them out with pace
  3. seated squat position with lateral skaters side to side (25 each side)

400m sprint fast and hard

  1. Mountain climbers – 4 count if you can
  2. Leg lever with hip up at 90 degrees
  3. Flutter kicks – 4 count if you can

400m sprint fast and hard – REPEAT if you can!!!