Fitness Challenge Weekly

Terrible Tuesday November 24th 2015

Hey Guys and Gals,

So my training partner and I wanted to do this challenge they have for members of Sealfit and we didn’t have chance so I did it at the gym and it’s challenging that is for sure! Both physically and mentally!

Anyways, this is how I broke it down, you can do it how you wish or you can break it down the way I did!

200 burpees and 1km of lunges weighted

How I broke it down was simple… I did 100m of lunges with 20 burpees each time going back and forth outside 10 times.

You can choose to do it with a bag on, barbell, weighted vest etc.

I have a weighted vest 25lbs and I put it 40lbs in a backpack so I had 65lbs on me when I did the lunges and 25lbs on me when I did the burpees with my vest.  It was way to much trouble to take off my vest every single time which I regret 100% not doing 🙂 but it was harder that’s for sure.

Good Luck.