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Workout Terrible Tuesday Tabata Dec 20 – 26th

Hello Everyone,

Hope your ready for a good workout after the Christmas break. I usually only take 2 days to eat and indulge myself before I get back into a routine.  You may be longer but that isn’t a problem…just remember once you start the workout. You finish it to the end and always push yourself as much as possible during.  Get into the zone.

Repeat the entire routine 3 times with no breaks in between.  You will be given active recovery but that doesn’t mean stop. Keep the heart rate moderately high to maintain calorie burn.  Remember to stretch after and slowly cool down to avoid injury!

P.S …Every exercise must be done for 30 secs. so watch a clock or grab a watch.  This can be done anywhere you want so no excuses.

  1. High Knee Run
  2. Running Mountain Climbers
  3. Jump Jack Plank (feet go inward/outward like your jumping jacks)
  4. Low Squat hold in and outs (stay low in a squat and your feet move like you are skating side to side)

-recovery move

  1. Butt kicks
  2. Push up to Donkey Kick
  3. 180 or 360 burpee
  4. Side Plank Up and Down oblique crunch

-recovery move

  1. Split Jumping Lunges
  2. Reverse Push up to Superman (Start with both hands in push up position close to your side. Lift your hands and feet off of the ground (superman) and as you return them enter into a push up. It is reversed because you are not staying in a plank push up position but rather on the ground.
  3. Super Skater single leg jump up

Rest 30 seconds and repeat (x3)

Do all moves consecutively without stopping. I was just pointing out the move 4. were your active recovery motion.

This entire workout should only take you maximum 20 minutes and will kill you the next day!!