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Workout of the Week Dec 27th – Jan 2 2016

Hello Everyone,

This week I borrowed a kettle bell and did some training with it.

Here was my workout.  I wasn’t feeling the greatest this week so I made it easier.  But remember you can always push yourself to your own limits and give it all you got! Repeat the workout 3 times

Good luck,

3 Sets of each exercise – exercises are done one after the other and start from the top again.

  1. Kettle bell squat to upright row

– 12 reps

2. Low Squat hold to Kettle bell press in and out straight in front of you.

– 1 minute

3. Basic Kettle Bell Snatch to press (single arm)

– 12 reps

4. Low Squat Seated Hold to kettle bell around the world (goes between your legs in a figure 8 pattern)

– 1 minute

5. Single Leg RDL (Romanian Dead Lift) leg swing back to high knee

– 12 reps each leg

6. Swing Under Lateral Raise Lunges (body does a lunging action and swings the Kettle bell under the front leg to the other arm. That arm does a lateral raise to the side and repeat with other leg)

– 12 reps each side

7. Kettle Bell Upright Oblique Crunch (body and feet more than shoulder width apart and your hands are by your side. One hand will have the kettle bell and the other doesn’t.  The hand that doesn’t have the kettle bell goes down the side of the leg to the knee and vise versa with the other side.  Do this with the kettle bell on both sides.)

– 12 reps each side