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Terrible Tuesday Burpee Hell Jan 3 2016

Hello Everyone,

I just thought of you guys when I made this burpee workout from hell!

Hee I can just think of my Krav Mentor Isreal Cohen in my head!

Good luck yall and you must do this 15 reps each exercise before doing it all over again only twice…

360 Burpee

  • Regular Burpee so that includes a push up but you must jump up and turn 360 degrees

8 count bodybuilder Burpee

  • Regular burpee so that includes a push up but after push up into a plank jack coming up into a jump.

Rolling Candle Stick Burpee

  • Regular Burpee but when you come down from your jump you must roll onto your back and lift your hips off the ground with your legs straight up in the air and then jump up into push up position and resume the other steps like normal.

Frog Jump Forward and Backward Burpee

  • Do a  regular burpee and after the push up stage when you bring your feet back under your body you jump forward.  Do a burpee and then jump backwards etc…

1 legged Burpee

  • Do a regular burpee just using only 1 leg and alternate legs next time around.

2 minute break!!! and do it all again one last time!!!