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Workout Legs – Jan 31st

Hello Everyone,

This is a very Traditional Leg Day weighted.  The weights can be anything from water bottles to dumbbells.

You must do each exercise in the list one after the other.  This is what burns your muscles to the maximum they can during a set.  Remember that your weight will change during each set because you must do the correct rep ratio.

DB Squat or Bodyweight Squats 15/12/8/15 (4 sets)                         DB Squat

Walking Lunges 15m/12m/8m/15m                                                   Walking Lunges

Romanian Deadlift Feet Together or Apart 15/12/8/15                     Romanian Deadlift

Skaters 16/12/8/16                                                                              Middle Weighted Skaters

Rest 1:30 min between sets