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Weekly Workout – Power Chest Jan 10 – 16th

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be giving you a great power workout.  I have been working out on power this next couple of months because I am running a lot and don’t want to lose to much muscle mass.  I am generally a lean muscle kind of person to begin with but nevertheless still have to try!

Exercises must go in this order and rest can vary on the explosive power you put into each set of exercises.

Push up 20x 4 sets

Dumbbell or Barbell Incline Bench Press 6-8x 4 sets

Chest Flys Isolated Squeeze – Low Weight but slow and squeeze the chest 15x 4 sets

Rest after all three exercises are complete! Do these three exercises back to back for 4 sets

Flat Bench – Dumbbell or Barbell descending pyramid

8 reps, 6 reps, 5 reps, 3 rep max

Crocodile Pushup Wake – try and stay low to the ground for 6m

Do this for 3 sets to 5 sets if you push yourself! This workout took me 1h10 minutes.

MAKE SURE YOU STRETCH YOUR CHEST! Range of motion is a key to all muscle growth.

Good luck!